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Our Custom AI Solutions

Data Engineering Solutions
These include designing and implementing data architectures, creating robust and efficient data pipelines, and setting up data governance protocols.
Machine Learning Solutions
We assist with model training, deployment, and lifecycle management, as well as creating efficient workflows for data scientists.
Data Annotation Solutions
Implementing AI-powered data annotation systems to speed up the data preparation process for machine learning.
Business Intelligence Solutions
We help clients make data-driven decisions by implementing BI tools, developing real-time dashboards, and setting up comprehensive reporting systems.
Data Warehousing Solutions
We offer services for creating a centralized, well-structured data warehouse that can streamline data access for various data-dependent roles.
Advanced Analytics
Leveraging techniques like natural language processing and image recognition to provide insights from unstructured data.
Predictive Analytics
Creating models to forecast sales, customer behavior, component failures, and more.
Real-time Data Processing
Setting up systems to process and analyze data in real-time, allowing quick responses to changing conditions.
Data Curation Services
Organizing, cleaning, and enriching raw data to make it ready for ML model training.
AI Chatbot Solutions for IT Helpdesks
Develop intelligent chatbots using GPT-3 models like ChatGPT to automate the resolution of routine IT queries. This solution would decrease ticket volumes, free up IT staff, and improve resolution times.
Supplier Onboarding Chatbots
Create AI chatbots that guide suppliers through the onboarding process. These bots can provide instant responses, check the completion of necessary steps, and streamline the entire process.
Inventory Management Chatbots
Design AI chatbots capable of providing real-time inventory updates, predicting demand using historical sales data, and alerting about potential inventory issues. This can help in managing inventory efficiently and avoiding overstocks or stockouts.
Procurement Chatbots
Develop AI chatbots that automate routine procurement queries regarding order status, supplier details, and procurement policies. This solution can free up the procurement team's time and ensure quicker responses to stakeholders' queries.
Custom AI Chatbot Development
Provide tailor-made AI chatbots that cater to specific operational needs in different departments, helping to automate processes and improve operational efficiency.
Customer Service Chatbots
Develop AI-powered chatbots to handle customer inquiries, complaints, and provide information about products and services.

Our Work

  • Data Infrastructure for an Automaker

    Problem: A well-established automaker was dealing with scattered and inefficient data infrastructure, which hampered the training and validation of their AI models.

    Solution: Our Data Engineering Services team implemented a robust data management solution, setting up data pipelines, designing data architecture, and implementing data governance protocols.

    Impact: The automaker experienced a 30% reduction in data-related issues, an acceleration of their AI training processes by 20%, and an overall improvement in model accuracy.

    Capabilities: Data Engineering, MLOps

    Services: Opportunity Identification, Data Strategy, Data Ingestion

  • Data Annotation for an Autonomous Vehicle Startup

    Problem: A startup was struggling with the monumental task of manually annotating the vast amounts of data collected for training their autonomous vehicle AI system.

    Solution: We implemented an AI-powered data annotation system that significantly reduced the need for manual annotation.

    Impact: The startup was able to speed up their data annotation process by 50%, which led to quicker iterations of their AI models and overall accelerated their product development timeline.

    Capabilities: Data Annotation

    Services: Opportunity Identification, Data Strategy

  • Business Intelligence Solution for an Auto Parts Manufacturer

    Problem: An auto parts manufacturer was struggling to make data-driven decisions due to the absence of a centralized business intelligence system.

    Solution: Our team implemented a robust Business Intelligence solution, integrating data from different sources into a single platform, enabling visualization of key metrics, and allowing interactive reporting.

    Impact: The manufacturer could make more informed decisions, resulting in a 15% increase in operational efficiency and a 10% reduction in manufacturing waste.

    Capabilities: Data Engineering

    Services: Opportunity Identification, Data Strategy, Data Ingestion

  • Data Warehouse Optimization for a Vehicle Manufacturer

    Problem: A leading vehicle manufacturer's data warehouse was inefficient and lacked the structure necessary for training ML models.

    Solution: We restructured and optimized their data warehouse to streamline data access, created well-defined data marts for specific use-cases, and established ETL pipelines to clean and standardize data.

    Impact: The enhanced data warehouse led to a 20% improvement in the efficiency of their ML model training and a 30% reduction in time spent by data scientists on data preparation.

    Capabilities: Data Engineering

    Services: Opportunity Identification, Data Strategy, Data Ingestion

  • Data Curation for a Self-driving Car Startup

    Problem: A self-driving car startup had large volumes of data but lacked the expertise to curate this data for ML model training.

    Solution: We provided data curation services to organize, clean, and enrich the startup's raw data, making it ready for ML model training.

    Impact: The quality of the training data improved significantly, leading to a 25% improvement in model accuracy and a 15% decrease in time-to-market for their autonomous driving system.

    Capabilities: Data Engineering

    Services: Opportunity Identification, Data Strategy, Data Ingestion

  • IT Helpdesk Chatbot for a Global Car Manufacturer

    Problem: The IT department of a global car manufacturer was overwhelmed with routine queries, which resulted in slower response times.

    Solution: We developed an AI chatbot using ChatGPT to handle routine IT queries such as password resets, system issues, and application access, freeing up the IT team to focus on more complex issues.

    Impact: The IT department saw a 30% reduction in the number of tickets, and employees experienced quicker resolution times for their IT issues.

    Capabilities: Generative AI

    Services: Opportunity Identification, Data Strategy, Data Ingestion, Model Selection, Model Development, Model Deployment, Maintenence

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